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Family Membership Information

Wednesday, April 1, 2015  
Posted by: Marilyn Sullivan
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With the new IJA website, for both Family Memberships and Life Members, all members of a family will have their own accounts. That means they’ll have their own logins and profiles. It is the responsibility of the head of the family to determine which members of the family will be able to sign in to the site, and to notify them about their login credentials. As the head of family, you may not want the younger members of your family to have their own logins.

Your existing family members from the IJA database have all been added to the site. Many of them did not have email addresses. If you had an alternate email defined and it appeared to belong to a family member, then they got that email address. A unique username and email was required, so a temporary username and email address have been created for each one.

You, as the head of a family membership, should take one of the following three steps for each family member:
- define a valid email address (username) and set up a password, or
- suspend the member so they will not be able to login, or
- remove the member from your family membership.

You can remove, or “detach,” a family member if they are no longer living at the same address as you, or if they want to convert to an individual membership. You also may want to add more family members to your Family Membership or Life Membership. Additional family members are free.

When you sign in to the IJA site, select ‘Manage Profile’ from the top menu. Then you can:
- view and edit your own profile
- change your password
- view your membership status
- print your membership card
- view your payments
- manage your preferences
- manage your family membership.

Select ‘My Family Members’ and you’ll see how many “seats” you have and who is included. “Seats” is how many family members you are allowed to have in your membership. Currently, 5 seats are allowed by default and each family member added to the membership will reduce that number by 1. If you need more than 5 seats for family members, please contact us via the following page: https://ym.juggle.org/general/?type=CONTACT.

At the bottom of the ‘My Family Members’ screen, you’ll see a list of all your family members. You can select the icons next to each member to:  
- Edit this member’s bio
- Detach the member
- Suspend them
- View their profile
- Sign In as the member.

If you want to change their password for them, you’ll have to Sign In as the member. That means you’ll get logged out under your own account and immediately be logged-in as if you were that member. Everything else in the profile can be changed by selecting Edit this member’s bio. You'll need to know their old password. If you don't know the old password, then you'll need to use the "RESET PASSWORD' process and they will get the email with the instructions.

If you suspend or detach a member, then you’ll get a “seat” added back to your membership. If you have seats available, you can add more family members. They must all live at the same mailing address as you. If you suspend or detach someone, we'll get notified and we aill change their membership to an Individual (or Youth) and mark them as suspended. They'll need to renew their membership if they want to remain an IJA member.

You have two ways to add a family member. You can either select: ‘Create My Family Members’ and add the member yourself, or enter their email address in the ‘INVITE NEW MEMBERS’ field and select ‘SEND INVITE’. You will NOT be using the Online Store or the renewal process to add a family member. They never need to be renewed. They will have the same expiration date as you.

The easiest process is to send the invitation. The family member will receive an email with an invitation to join your IJA membership. If they want to accept the invitation, they should click on the link provided in the email. The link expires after 30 days. Upon clicking the link, they will be taken to the site where they must complete the registration process by entering a unique username (email address) and First and Last name. When they complete the member information, their account will automatically be attached to your membership.

If the new family member is already an IJA member, please use the Contact Us form to request that they be attached to your family.

All your family members will have the same expiration date as you. When your membership expires, so does theirs. There will NOT be a membership card that lists all your family members together. Each member will get their own membership card.

If you're a Life Member and want to add family members living at the same address as you (for free) under your IJA membership, if you don't see 'My Family Members' under 'Manage Profile', just contact us via this page https://ym.juggle.org/general/?type=CONTACT to request having your Life Membership enabled to include free additional family members.  Be assured that your Life Member credentials are intact and your membership does not expire.


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