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2016 - Competitors
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The IJA festival in El Paso will feature these competitors in the Plaza Theater at the Juniors Stage Championships on Wednesday, July 27 and the Teams and Individuals Stage Championships on Thursday, July 28. Both shows at 7:30pm.



In July of last year, Josh Horton quit his full-time social media job to focus 100 percent on his juggling career. Since then, Josh has appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, ESPN's Top 10 Plays, Nickelodeon, a national Acura commercial, and over 30 NBA and college basketball halftime shows. Using his social media skill, Josh has grown a following of nearly 250,000 fans. He shares the joy of juggling with them on a daily basis, inspiring many to try juggling for the first time. Josh's act combines his technical skill with his love for music and the stage.


Hiroki Kamei has been practicing diabolo for 15 years. Please enjoy his new diabolo tricks. He won first place in the men's individuals category at the 2013 Tokyo International Diabolo Competition, first place for one-diabolo vertex at the 2014 All Japan Diabolo Competition, first place for one bearing diabolo at the 2015 Diabolo Asia Cup 2015, and first place for men's individuals at the 2015 Diabolo Malaysia Open Competition.


In the mere seven years that he's been juggling, Sam Malcolm has achieved more than many jugglers do in a lifetime, from winning numbers gold and competing in the Butterfly Man Busker's Competition, to performing internationally for giant crowds with his one-man comedy variety show in the Edmonton Fringe Festival. Sam loves performing and making people smile. His act was inspired by the time he spent in a touring circus and has its roots in traditional juggling routines of the past.


Geoff Marsh also known as Gypsy Geoff has experience entertaining and traveling all over North America with his unique circus stunts and zany marionette puppets. He has been performing at family festivals, corporate events, Renaissance fairs, and private parties for over 12 years, performing his 30-45 minute show over 400 times a year. Two years ago he won first place in the International Jugglers Association's street performing competition. He avidly donates his time performing and teaching workshops with Clowns Without Borders in refugee camps and rural areas of social and economic crisis all over the world.


Jorden Moir (MOY-er) is a 28-year-old professional juggler from Ontario, Canada. He has been juggling for 15 years and juggles a wide variety of props, with a specialization in foot juggling with beanbags. His performing venues include dinner theaters, corporate events, and European variety shows. Jorden was the 2010 IJA Individual Stage Champion.


Scott Sorensen has been a juggler for over 30 years. Juggling the most things for the longest time has always been his passion, and he has collected 16 IJA Numbers Gold Medals for doing so. Once described as a "meat and potatoes juggler" by Matt Hall, here is Scott with an act titled "a few of my favorite juggling things."



Aki and Takeru consists of Aki Ueno and Takeru Hirano, the two devilstickers who have been trying their best at devilstick juggling for a long time. They have conceived a lot of new devilstick tricks that you have never seen and improved their technique up to this day. Their consummated devilstick juggling and combinations will make you all surprised.


Balance-in-Motion consists of Heather Marriott and Neil Jordaan. Both have had a life-long love of circus arts, and incorporate these influences to take their juggling to new heights. When they met at the 2008 IJA Festival, they never imagined that eight years later they would find themselves in the IJA Teams competition.


Jonglissimo: Daniel Ledel and Dominik Harant were inspired to practice juggling through a workshop at their local school. One of the juggling teachers was Manuel Mitasch. Now they perform together all over Europe. They won IJA gold medals in 2005, 2007, and 2013 and have over 15 world records. Normally, their shows are a unique mix of theater, juggling, and multimedia arts. At the IJA stage championships they will focus on the raw art of juggling by pushing their technical ability to the next level.

Photo by Luke Burrage


Diabolo performance duo Totchees is from Nagoya Japan and consists of Tetsuya Tochikubo and Ayaka Tochikubo. In 2015, Totchees won the All-Japan Diabolo Competition for teams. They have won various other prizes and championships and have performed at a lot of festivals. Most of the act is composed of original pair tricks. Totchees especially hopes you enjoy the vertical diabolo tricks. It is their dream to perform on the IJA Championships stage.



Jonah Botvinick-Greenhouse has been juggling for six years, since he was ten, and has participated in several competitions held by the World Juggling Federation. In 2013 and 2015, he won the WJF's advanced overall championship. Jonah has attended the past three IJA festivals, but this is his first time competing. In addition to juggling, Jonah also enjoys playing cello and ultimate Frisbee.


Christopher Haaser is 15 years of age. He began juggling in 2009. He has amazed audiences with his juggling skills in Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, and Quebec. At the age of 10, Christopher juggled seven balls and performed for Spooky Woods, a TV commercial filmed in North Carolina. He was an eight-time podium finisher at the 2014 IJA joggling competition. He currently juggles balls, rings, clubs, fire torches, knives, and much more. Other interests include chess, kendama, dominoes, kinetic contraptions, trampoline, skiing, swimming, kayaking, and more.

Photo by Emory Kimbrough


Bennett Santora was created by a group of mad scientists who were intent on taking over the world by installing jugglers in key leadership positions. He was designed to be witty, intelligent, and charming and to have supernatural juggling ability. He is being groomed to take over the world military industrial complex and convert all weapons production to production of juggling props. At present, he is an entertainer and sixth grader. He lives in New York City.


Daniel Van Hoomissen be Insane in the Membrane, and he lives in Funky Cold (M)Edina, which is a Gangster's Paradise. Like Tag Team, Daniel is back again. He is Berzerk, and loves to Jump because he is Space Bound and Not Afraid. He is So Fresh that you Can't Touch This. He is super Boombastic.

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